Here are some lovely, funny mothers’ wishes, pictures, and posts for WhatsApp and Facebook.

  1. To my favorite mother … best wishes for Mother’s Day! Of course, you’re my favorite because you’re the only one and I haven’t been given more mothers to choose from … Despite this, I wouldn’t change you for anyone else in the world, even if you have too many defects.
  2. Happy Mother’s Day, to you who are always in my thoughts … Especially when i bunk my classes!
  3. Behind a GOOD SON, there is always a GREAT MOTHER. Congratulations mommy
  4. Dear Mom, today is your day, and for this, you have to be quiet. I know that it is difficult for you to do it and that you like it very much lecture, but if you give me your word, at 11:59 pm I’ll give you a nice present. Seen “I also know how to blackmail, and I learned from the number one!”, “Mom, I always understand when you complain: you have lost all patience in making a work of art like me!
  5. “Mom, like you there is no one, you are the only one in the world … And luckily! Happy birthday!”
  6. “I never told you, and on the occasion of Mother’s Day I will make a great confession: I want you … I want you … to tease!”
  7. To you, only to you, dear mother, I give my soul, my heart, my smile, my pocket money … By the way, this month I will receive double, right? Greetings to the most generous mother in the world! Thank you!
  8. I took my wishes, I wrapped them in a paper made of sweetness and fortune, and put them on the wings of an angel … Haven’t you arrived yet?
  9. “Mom, you are just like wine: the older you get the better, since you no longer have the same strength as before: think, now I can finally run free around the house, without being hit by a flying slippers! Ah, I forgot: so many best wishes!”
  10. “Mom, you always say that there is a crisis: best wishes … My wishes end here. I have to save the jigs on Whatsapp!”

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