When we think about Mother’s Day, our Mom immediately comes to our mind, but this great woman who gave us life is not the only one who is celebrated on this date.

Also, we must also acknowledge that there are other women in our family who are also Mothers, and one of them is our Grandmother.

Our granny also deserves our congratulations on this special occasion with these mother’s day wishes for grandmothers.

When I was little you always looked after me while my Mom was working, but now that I am an adult woman you continue worrying about me, and that shows me that your love is truly unconditional. Happy Mother’s Day!”

My dear GrandMother, today is Mother’s Day and I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. You are an extraordinary woman and I am very proud of you, I hope I have the opportunity to pay back everything you have given me throughout my life. ”

“As time goes by I feel I love you more and more because you are a very tender and loving GrandMother. I hope that on this Mother’s Day you get to share happy moments with family and may the Lord bless you forever.”

“I feel great admiration for you whenever I think of the great effort you must have made to raise up my Mom, aunt, and uncle all by your own. I adore you, my beautiful GrandMother, and on this Mother’s Day I express my love for you once again.”

“Dear Grandma, on this day in which we pay a tribute to all Mothers, I could not forget about you. Although you are no longer physically among us, we know that from heaven you are still looking after us, so I send you this warm greeting to wherever you may be. ”

“You have always been very kind to me and it would be unthinkable not to send you a warm greeting for Mother’s Day, dear grandma. I love you with all my soul and I will never get tired of thanking you for all the year you looked after me. ”

Dear Grandma, wishing a very happy mother’s day to you! Thank you for showing me what it means to be a good mother. You are a superwoman!

Granny, you are one of the most wholesome people I know. A happy mother’s day to you!

You are the pillar of our family who stands like a rock and protects it against everything. Happy Mother’s Day dear granny!

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